Designed for the beneficiary by leading experts, Tamarind Learning was made for you. Do you ever think about the following:

  • I have a trust but what does that mean to me?
  • I listen to my advisors but I am embarrassed to ask questions.
  • My parents set up my trust and make decisions for me.
  • What happens to me when my parents are gone?
  • I did not earn the wealth so why must I be responsible for it?
  • I do not know how to discuss financial issues with my parents.

If you have thought about any one of these questions or want to learn more about finance, estate planning, tax, stewardship, and trusts, then Tamarind Learning is the perfect opportunity for you. 

Developed by and for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Beneficiaries and their Advisors

Current and future adult beneficiaries of wealth in trust

The nature of your asset(s), the scale of wealth, and your knowledge and interest as a beneficiary all play into the best learning program fit. 

Access to your trustee and trust information is not required

Documents such as your will, trust, financial statements, and estate plan are not required but can enhance your experience through applied learning assignments or can be used if working with an advisor

Ability to work with your trustee and other advisors is ideal 

The platform allows you to work independently and at your own pace, with your advisor a message or email away if you have a specific question. It is a wonderful way to learn autonomously and/or with your trustee.

A strong command of the English language

All learning programs are in English, utilizing mixed media elements such as audio, visual, and experiential

A minimum of a high school reading level is recommended

Learning program content progresses from introductory to advance with some courses building and being more advanced

Increased Competence and Confidence

Increased competence and confidence in the foundational areas of beneficiary stewardship, the roles and responsibilities of beneficiaries and trustees, fiduciary duties, and a deeper understanding of your trust


Empowerment to advocate for yourself and your family by increasing your knowledge of your own trust and estate plan

Improved Relationships and Productivity

Improved communication, quality, and productivity in your working relationships with your advisors, trustees, and family members

Increased Credibility

Increased credibility and respect among members of your family

When does the stewardship in action program Start and end.

The pilot will start June 23rd with a kick-off webinar for clients and advisors and will conclude in mid-September 2022. There will be a closing capstone course to review the learning experience and capture some of the key takeaways.

How many courses are in the Stewardship in action Program?

There are 9 courses including 1) Stewardship, 2) Beneficiary Fundamentals 1, 3) Beneficiary Fundamentals 2, 4) Beneficiary Fundamentals 3, 5) Beneficiary Fundamentals 4, 6) Trustee Basics 1, 7) Trustee Basics 2, 8) Trustee Basics 3, and 9) Trustee Basics 4.

How long does it take to complete A Course?

Each course will take a different amount of time to complete based on your prior knowledge of the subject matter. On average, the Stewardship in Action Program will take about 10 hours to complete. During the pilot, you have access to the learning program 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Do I have to go through the course work in a linear fashion or can I skip around?

The pilot is an opportunity for you to experience the virtual learning content. We recommend progressing through the content as it is currently organized. If you want to skip around too. Use the search feature to find what you are looking for.

Do I have to complete all the homeworks and Quizzes?

For the pilot, homework and quizzes are not mandatory, but highly encouraged. See the quizzes as a learning check to see what you retained. You can take the quizzes over as many times as you prefer. If you were to study for the Accredited Beneficiary Stewardship Designation, then quizzes would be mandatory and you would have to score a minimum of 80%.

will i be graded for each course?

No. There are no grades provided for this program, however you will receive a certificate of completion for each course quiz you complete. 

How should I work with my Advisor?

Talk with your Northern Trust advisor about how you want to progress through the course work and identify times to check-in and share your feedback about what you are learning, questions that you might have, and ideas that might be sparked from the learning. Advisors may have suggestions of specific readings, activities, or exercises that might be more germane and those that may be less applicable. Work to come up with your learning goals with your advisor at the beginning of your coursework.

who is my contact at tamarind learning if i need more help?

Torri Hawley is your client education manager. She is your primary point of contact at Tamarind Learning. You can email her at or leave her a voice message at 561-427-1330.

What does it mean to be enrolled in a cohort?

You will be enrolled with your family as a private group with your Northern Trust advisor(s).

 how should I interact with my Peers and advisor in a cohort learning experience?

You are able to share notes with your cohort or advisor, and when you post to the discussion board, it will notify members of the cohort in their email that someone has shared on the cohort discussion board. You can share your homework with your family or advisors as you see fit. Homework is not graded.

How do I provide feedback about the courses and experience?

Each course has a place in the outline of the course to rate and review. Further, when you complete a course you will be asked to rate and review it. Tamarind Learning will provide a survey at the conclusion of the pilot and may also invite you to participate in a focus group or survey. Please reach out to for specific suggestions while completing the program.

Can I make recommedations and report any issues?

Yes! Recommendations and issues can be sent using the Support Ticket feature accessible on the Dashboard. Otherwise, please contact us at (561) 427-1330 or email to connect with a Tamarind Learning specialist.

 What is the cost to participate in the Stewardship in action Program?

In appreciation for their clients participation in the pilot, the initial costs associated with Stewardship in Action Pilot are being covered by Northern Trust.

Is the website safe, secure, and confidential?

Yes! The website is hosted on secure servers, backed up, and has redundancy protocols in place. The servers utilize actively managed security features to ensure the data is protected.

Is my family group or cohort information private?

Yes! Groups and families are created separate and share the information only within the group or family members.

Do you share information with third parties

No. Your privacy is at our utmost concern.