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Accredited Beneficiary Stewardship Program

  • Access to 26 Courses
  • ABS Accreditation
  • Unlimited Access
  • Go At Your Own Pace
  • Total Privacy
  • Content Updated Regularly
  • 1-Year Term

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Accredited Beneficiary Stewardship Program

  • Perfect for Family Offices, Families, Siblings, Cousins or Peers
  • Track Progress of Group
  • Full Access to Courses
  • ABS Accreditation
  • Pace with Group or Individually
  • Share Notes, Questions, & Thoughts
  • Document Storage
  • Content Updated Regularly
  • Total Privacy
  • 2-Year Term

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Accredited Beneficiary Stewardship Program

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  • Perfect for Institutions, Multi-Family Offices, RIAs, Trust Companies and Large Groups
  • Custom/Personalized Access to Courses
  • 3, 5, or 10 Year Terms  
  • Ability to White Label
  • Track Progress of Learners
  • Single Sign-On Option
  • Advisors Connected to Family Learners
  • Pace with Group or Individually
  • Share Notes, Questions, and Thoughts 
  • Document Storage Capability
  • Multiple Cohorts and/or Single Users
  • Education Consulting Support

“My family hired Kirby and Tamarind Partners for a year-long, comprehensive education project. In the past, weekend family office meetings hadn't worked to create lasting engagement for my sisters and me. Kirby and her team assessed our needs and created a bespoke, web-based plan to help us with everything from investing 101 to financial planning, working with advisors to goal setting.

2nd Gen Family Member

“Kirby takes a holistic approach to family wealth education.[...] Our experience with Kirby was results-driven, rewarding, and empowering. Next generation family offices aren't just a talking point for Tamarind - they are innovating all the time to create workable, engaging plans for families.”

2nd Gen Family Member

"Kirby is filled with wisdom. In my experience with her, she is passionate and committed to positive growth for the individuals and families she is engaged with. Kirby exudes a positiveness and a belief in your greater good. She has been enlightening and a motivational force to continual learning. Kirby is a gem and I’m fortunate to have come across.”

3rd Gen Family Business Member and Investor

The ABS program from Tamarind Learning features sophisticated metrics to track progress to demonstrate each participant's understanding and knowledge. 

It makes the learning experience for beneficiaries efficient, effective, and enjoyable.