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Welcome to the Tamarind Learning Podcast where host, Dr. Kirby Rosplock, speaks with experts on many topics relevant to the ultra-high-net-worth families and family office's. Kirby is author of several books including The Complete Family Office Handbook, 2nd ed. and The Complete Direct Investing Handbook. She also shares her expertise as a consultant, advisor and educator to those in the wealth management space. Kirby is the founder of Tamarind Learning┬«, an online wealth education platform that develops practical, foundational learning programs for beneficiaries and their advisors to help them prepare for the responsible stewardship of wealth.

Modern Stewardship

with guest Dr. Dennis Jaffe, author of Borrowed From Your Grandchildren: The Evolution of 100-Year Family Enterprises.

Family Office Set-up, Structure, and Compliance

with Withers Worldwide Partners, Ivan Sacks and William Kambas, and Withers Worldwide Partner and U.S. Commercial Practice Group Leader, David Guin. to discuss what is new with family office set-up, structure, and compliance.

State of Family Offices and the Greatest Hurdles Facing Them

with guest, Kathryn McCarthy, Independent Advisor to Families and Family Offices.

Who Should Own and Operate a Family Office and Ideal Structures

with guests Ivan Sacks and William Kambas, Partners at Withers Worldwide.

Family Office Compliance Policies and Record Keeping

with guest David Guin, Partner and U.S. Commercial Practice Group Leader at Withers Worldwide.